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Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Cynthia DeMates

Cynthia DeMates
Prospect Strategy Analyst
University of Florida Foundation


Cynthia DeMates is a Prospect Strategy Analyst for the University of Florida. When one of her coworkers has a question about just about anything, whether it be about a database or a really good cup of coffee, Cynthia either knows the answer or knows where to find it (many times in her impressively organized email archives).

Her long tenure with UFF (17+ years!) includes working with Biographical Services and Donor Relations, during which time she created four websites containing research and biographical history on approximately 2,000 funds. Needless to say, when she joined PMRA in 2012 she not only found her calling, but brought with her a wealth of institutional knowledge.

A native of Michigan, Cynthia holds a BA in Business Administration, with a specialization in management. When she's not at work, Cynthia is a full-time caregiver for both of her parents and shares joint custody of Gracie, the world's sweetest dog.

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